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Some call me as atheist, Some call me broken Heart, Some call as extremist, Some call as intellectual, Some call as socialist, Some call as writer, Some call as pseudo analyst, Some call as sidelined, Some call as stupid, Some call as hypocrite, Some call as loser but still I don't know, who am I? They think I am alone without her..... Loneliness is with me I just want to say..... Oh! God I just want to come to u with all my smiles.....

Monday, May 24, 2010


అందరు అందాన్ని చూస్తే
నేను హృదయాన్ని చుసాను.
అందరు స్వప్నాలను చూస్తే
నేను వాస్తవాలని వెతికాను.
అందరూ రహదారిన అడుగేస్తే
నేను గమ్యాన్ని చేరాను...